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Public Advocate Calls for Criminal Charges Against Kennedy

Public Advocate Calls for Criminal Charges Against Kennedy

Washington, DC-Public Advocate of the United States is preparing to file a criminal complaint with Attorney General Gonzales against Senator Ted Kennedy, the head of the "Kenned Crime Family," after he acknowledged that he improperly used the Homestead Exemption on his D.C. residence, calling it a simple tax gaffe.

"Once again Ted Kennedy has shown us his arrogance and his corruption by illegally ignoring a plainly printed bold notice 'for permanent
residents' tax deduction on the D.C. tax form," said Eugene Delgaudio, President of Public Advocate. "He continues to believe that he is above the law, totally immune from any consequences no matter how serious the offense. We are talking about a man who has literally gotten away with murder. Once again Public Advocate will attempt the impossible: having Ted Kennedy held accountable for his actions by our criminal justice system.
"Time after time the 'Kennedy Crime Family,' with Teddy as its leader, shows their belief that they are above the law," continued Delgaudio.
"Whether he is breaking Senate ethics rules by interfering in the confirmation of a judge in order to influence the outcome in a court decision, or participating in lewd public behavior, Ted Kennedy continues to show the same distain for the law today as he did in 1969 when his recklessness lead to the murder of Mary Jo Kopechne at Chappaquiddick."

The northern Virginia based Public Advocate is preparing a complaint to the Department of Justice that will formally ask for an investigation of his alleged tax fraud, and his many other recent alleged violations of the law, which should ultimately result in criminal charges being filed.

This is not the first time that Public Advocate has sought legal action against Senator Kennedy, the group also filled a complaint with then-U.S. Attorney General Richard Thornburgh in 1989 asking for an investigation against Kennedy for public lewdness and debauchery.

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