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We Were Right All Along: Perverse Court Allows TSA Male Agent To Grope Women


We were right all along.

The TSA's mix of ultra-leftist hiring practices along with their intrusive "security" procedures of pornographic scanners and groping is leading to disaster.

And while I've been warning the public for months about these policies, even I didn't see this particular incident coming.

Mr. "Ashley" Yang is a TSA employee who enjoys masquerading as a woman.

Not only does he insist on wearing his costume at work, he insisted that he be employed as a screener. And since he thinks he's a "woman," he should photograph and grope other women under TSA's same-sex screening policy.

And when his superiors offered him a position that would not require him to search passengers, he replied that interacting with (read violating) people was the main reason he wanted the job.

He also protested when he was told that he would not be allowed to use the women's restroom.

After refusing the TSA's offer for reassignment, Mr. Yang was fired.

Radical homosexuals are crying foul over his termination, suing to further open the TSA's already wide-open hiring policies.

As I've mentioned in past warnings, the TSA's hiring policy already contains language giving special preferences to homosexual employees.

And it seems that Mr. Yang's managers were more than willing to coddle the man's obvious mental disorder, but finally drew the line when it affected the public.

These actions are merely stepping stones towards the Homosexual Lobby's true goal: forcing their perversion on American society.

It is not a matter of just merely accepting or ignoring their behavior, Radical homosexuals want to force you to agree and participate with their perversions and disorders.

They are all trying to pollute our society, corrupt American families, and warp our children into believing that the anything-goes theory of sexual identity is normal.

And while the Liberal Media keeps telling us that it is wrong to be offended by Mr. Yang and his antics, I just can't help it.

When I see men with wigs and dresses lining up to work as TSA screeners, or little boys crying because a strange man is violating their bodies, I know that I can't possibly be on the wrong path.

The Radical Homosexual Lobby got exactly what they wanted: Yet another "incident" used to push our societal limits through the courts.

With your support, Public Advocate will always be on watch, fighting back every advance the Radical Homosexuals attempt.