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Public Advocate Announces Online Supreme Court Poll

Falls Church, VA--It is likely that President Bush will soon have to decide who will fill a vacancy on the Supreme Court. Public Advocate of the United States, a Virginia based, pro-family group, will be giving the President some guidance on the question by offering a unique online survey that will allow people to pick their top choice for the job.

Survey participants will get to choose from a wide range of possibilities for a possible nomination, from jurists like 9th Circuit Judge Alex Kazenski to former President George H.W. Bush. Participants will also be able to choose to write in a nominee, if their candidate is not listed. Each name on the survey includes a short biography, so survey participants can gain more knowledge about the perspective nominees.

"By offering people the opportunity to vote for their preferred nominee we hope to be able to let the President know what kind of appointment pro-family Americans are hoping for and expecting," said Public Advocate President Eugene Delgaudio. "It is essential that the President choose any nominees based on their record and qualifications, not based upon any bullying from the obstructionalist liberals in the Senate. The liberals have been very successful at this in the past, which is why instead of having Bork on the Court, a conservative originalist, we have Anthony Kennedy, a liberal activist."

Public Advocate will be advertising the survey on news-oriented websites. It can be found on the Public Advocate website by clicking here.

For more information contact Jesse Binnall at 703/582-7924.