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Barack Obama: Dictator in Chief? Obama's 'abuse of power' threatens to shut down Senate CALLING GIL DAVIS, ATTORNEY AT LAW

Barack Obama: Dictator in Chief?

Obama's 'abuse of power' threatens to shut down Senate


Public Advocate President Eugene Delgaudio says "The President's own words in plain English spoken in speech after speech in recent days seem plainly directed at Senators and Congress that they have been disbanded and matter nothing to him.

He knows they are not in recess and simply out of town. But he unilaterallly declares them in "recess" and appoints people to public office without their voting or review of them. These are important regulatory and executive powers outside the Constitution."

Human Events says

Key Republican Senators are bracing for legislative battles and Constitutional challenges to President Barack Obama's unprecedented end-run around Congress to install several controversial political appointees.

Obama announced the decision Wednesday to make the so-called recess appointments -- even though the Senate is not in recess -- putting Richard Cordray in charge of a contentious new consumer protection agency and also naming three appointments to the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) - Sharon Block, Richard Griffin and Terence F. Flynn.

"Business as we know it in the Senate is over for this administration in terms of accomplishing anything legislatively or finding any cooperation from this side of the aisle," said Sen. John Barrasso (R. -Wyo.). "He has poisoned the well."

"Apparently, advise and consent called for in the Constitution doesn't apply to this Chicago-style politician. He's more interested in rewarding his friends than living under the law Americans need to abide by," Barrasso said.

Congress is not in "recess", "Republicans have kept the Congress in a pro forma session, gaveling in for a few minutes of official business every three days." says Human Events.

Public Advocate asks: Where are the leadership of both houses on this? Where are the Presidential candidates on this topic?

Articles of impeachment drawn up and voted upon by Congress seem the only legal remedy as some commentators say going to court would result in a court decision that "Congress must respond with impeachment" (sic).

Then and only then could or would a court get involved to address the illegality.

But then that's just commentary. Where is the response from real solid legal authorities like the genuine lawyer who was able to simply and elegantly show that no President is above the law.

That man took then-President Bill Clinton to court over a sexual assault of an innocent woman. And the Supreme Court voted 9 to Zero that "no president is above the law" and, indeed, Bill Clinton had to face the court trial and was brought to justice in that case.

The man who headed the team that brought a President to justice is Gil Davis.

Where is attorney Gil Davis when you need him?

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