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Presidential Candidate Rick Santorum Compares Gay Marriage to Polygamy

Presidential Candidate Rick Santorum Compares Gay Marriage to Polygamy

Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum stood his ground for his strong pro-family policies and positions and was rudely booed by students who asked him his positions -- that he answered directly after he was asked by the same students-- when he tried to compare same-sex marriage to polygamy during a campaign event in New Hampshire.

Santorum was speaking to a crowd of 200 people at New England College on Thursday night.

A young man stood up and said that gay marriage should be legal. It is, in fact, legal in New Hampshire.

"Are we saying that everybody should have the right to marry?" Santorum asked, according to CBS News.

In our opinion you get to hear the full assurance by the young students "yes anyone should have the right to marry anyone else" in the room.

Santorum than asks and asserts his question again "So can 3 men marry one man?"

And "You have to tell me why you can not use the same logic and reasoning to apply to allowing 3 men to marry one man. Please tell me the answer to that?..."

And, Santorum "So if you're not happy unless you're married to five other people, is that OK?" Santorum asked one student. "Reason says that if you think it's okay for two [individuals to marry], then you have to differentiate for me why it's not okay for three,"

Real Clear Politics and other major outlets says its "Heated" but it seems clear Santorum is standing his ground and defending traditional marriage in a simple and heroic manner with a young crowd that has never been taught logic or morality by today's education establishment.

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