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Public Advocate Asks? Who Are The Most Anti-Family, Pro-gay rights Candidates for President?

Who Are The Most Anti-Family, Pro-gay rights Candidates for President?

There is a contest for "most pro-gay rights President Candidate" and we here at Public Advocate are reviewing the winning entry.

Coming in strong clearly as number one anti-family candidate is President Obama with his dozens of policies and appointments and that does take up most of this website since he came to office. For sure.

But what the news media will not tell you, we will. There are plenty of other contenders for being "anti-family" on the Republican side too.

For the sake of balance. Lets quickly review.

There are plenty of 3rd party and minor candidates. The one dominating the news media is Donald Trump and he's busy most of the time alternating between screaming at women on television, chasing women on national television for companionship or paying flamboyant homosexuals to yell and scream at pro-family women on national television. Don't look for sympathy for insane public behavior here (with apologies to Sean Hannity who is permanently curious about Donald Trump).

Ron Paul's attack on traditional marriage and his mocking of Michele Bachmann when she was running and of Rick Santorum on the pro-family issues ("Santorum hates moslems and homosexuals" he said to Jay Leno).

His anti-spending polices make him attractive as a fiscal budget cutter.

While Newt Gingrich ditched 2 wives and supported various big government schemes which Public Advocate condemns, he has been married to the same woman for years and proclaims public positions supported by Public Advocate.

Rick Santorum is liberal on some policies but has consistently and forthrightly articulated strong pro-family positions.

If John Huntsman and Rick Perry are going to get above ten per cent in New Hampshire then we will discuss them. But it seems to be Paul, Gingrich, Santorum and Romney in the Republican field at the moment.

Mitt Romney. Recall that Public Advocate cited Romney's speaking tour in 2009 as "The Gay Three Stooges Go On Speaking Tour" back on May 6 2009 when he, Romney, joined Eric Cantor and Jeb Bush in decrying "conservative positions on social issues" as responsible for election losses in the 2008 election cycle.

Public Advocate is attacked by major and minor leftist "news" (read propaganda outlets) for its warnings against the Homosexual Mandatory Education of Children Act (that's what we call it) but it was Mitt Romney as Governor who promoted homosexuality in the classroom with government money and executive orders as Governor of Massachusetts.

Massnews reports : During Romney's term as Governor, this was particularly manifested in the public schools, where Romney's "Governor's Commission for Gay and Lesbian Youth" was well-funded, had access in the schools, and put on an annual "Youth Pride Parade" and "gay/transgender" prom in Boston. On two occasions (2003 and 2004) Romney signed proclamations for "Gay Youth Appreciation Day" to coincide with those events.

There is a report of 10,000 words documenting the many other pro-homosexual positions of Governor and presidential candidate Mitt Romney here.