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Public Advocate Appreciates The "Recognition" From Our Political Opposites

Its becoming a regular occurence, the "revelation" that a small Washington group manages to sneak into the U.S. Capitol and distribute a strong political message to mobilize the masses.

But instead of welcoming this small group (average donation of $19 per year with a monthly office rental of $1100) as a herald of effecient political management and a model for other small groups to aspire to, we here at Public Advocate are cast as "villains." Over and over again.

Its okay for the other political lobbies to say, do and print things that are over the top to gain public support but if a conservative group gets any traction for its policy positions, all hands on deck.

The Washington Post covers Public Advocate or Eugene Delgaudio political actions 300+ times in 30 years with the same story each time (see article: "300 News Articles In One Newspaper, 300 To Go? Public Advocate and Eugene Delgaudio face the next 30 years", to be posted soon):

"Delgaudio fights liberals using agressive methods" (Leafleting, Mail, Faxes, Robo calling, Internet, Facebook, Yard Signs, Youtube, Hotair balloons, Billboards, post it notes, etc.) is the theme of frequent news articles, commentaries, blogs, snipes or asides and is routinely a "total shock" to them as liberals who know everything right here in Washington, worded in always

Even the jaded homosexual lobby is bloated and comical enough to observe righteously "We never see Delgaudio but he is hateful, hated and despised and we really never heard of him and nobody knows him for sure--absolutely."

The massive Gay Rights lobby seems blind because most normal political observers have read 300 times over 30 years we are, indeed, here presenting petitions, organizing news conferences, granting interviews, filing friends of the court briefs, requesting regulatory opinions from federal agencies, opposing legislation and in the thick of many nomination battles for court and federal posts.

These 300 times in the Washington Post do NOT include the hundreds of times on the other local media outlets which for the record broadcast to larger audiences and (this is shocking as well) many in these larger audiences don't even read the Washington Post (we apologise to the Washington Post for this excessive remark as this is not something we observe or intend in any mean spirited manner).

And not to leave the Washington media out of this, but there are other NATIONAL media outlets in (shudder) other cities and states which have also once in a while have written about Public Advocate. And then there's the international news media. Oh well.

And other wrong-headed liberals simply repeat same theme like most of the Homosexual Lobby thinking they or the W. Post can't be both wrong. Basically nobody in the news medida seems to read anybody else in the news media and they expect most of their readership never bothers to use GOOGLE naturally.

"Eugene Delgaudio sends out terrible email again" (for 1,000 time since the invention of the internet)states a pro-gay blog or poster.

Public Advocate will fight liberals and liberalism but we have never hated or personally disliked any political figure or person. Liberals are not entitled to propose statist legislation without effective opposition.

Standing against them earns Public Advocate this "retribution" of libel, slander and gross misrepresentation. Thankfully most Americans are used to the pitiful wailing and exaggeration of the organized major media.

Witness Newt Gringrich's retort in the Presidential Debate.

Their attacks on Public Advocate --( a complete no-name organization (sic) liberals and their front groups say)-- merely proves the effectiveness of Public Advocate, a small grass roots effort with a million backers in the United States -- and growing.