Defending the family

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Washington State: Seven Republicans who threw you under the bus and abandoned traditional family values deserve condemnation

From the liberal pro-homosexual Seattle Times, we hear hearty praise for 4 state Republicans in Washington State who abandoned pro-family values to join the homosexual lobby for their financial gain, along with three Seattle councilmen who joined them in bed with the gay lobby.

From the liberal Seattle Times Editorial:

"In the past two weeks, four state lawmakers and three Metropolitan King County Council members, all Republicans, have done something that would have seemed impossible in Washington a few years ago.

The politicians - state Sens. Steve Litzow and Cheryl Pflug and Reps. Glenn Anderson and Maureen Walsh - agreed to take a historic vote to legalize same-sex marriage, a bold move by any gauge.

And three County Council members - Reagan Dunn, Pete von Reichbauer and Jane Hague - backed a resolution telling the Legislature: Go ahead, the county wants lawmakers to approve gay marriage. These folks could have steered clear of the issue, but opted instead to stand up for fairness and equality."

Litzow, Pflug and Anderson and Walsh-- these are names of betrayal that Public Advocate and our supporters will not forget.

Litzow, Pflug, Anderson and Walsh decided to go against the family rather than heed the wishes of a referendum on the November ballot.