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American Hero, Tennessee Senator Stacey Campfield Behind "Freedom From Homosexualism" Bill, Ambushed In Restaurant by Rude Homosexualist

Here we have the case of a peaceful attempt at buying food but anti-family forces attempt to starve the heroic Tennessee pro-family leader Senator Stacey Campfield who is successfully pushing a bill to protect school age children in Tennessee.

Luckily there are plenty of other restaurants with signs "SENATOR STACEY CAMPFIELD WELCOME HERE".

What kind of political expression is it when a "food establishment" decides that your political views "are not wanted here".

Well we know what kind.

Nashville, Tennessee, "Bistro at the Bijou" owner Martha Boggs is the kind of person who represents narrow thinking on Gay Street, literally.

Most leaders of the pro-homosexual political crowd would enjoy starving Senators while getting the fawning attention for being so creative and reaping the crowds that come to pay them off with parties and financial patronage from other narrow minded anti-family crowds that have nothing else to spend their money on.

Afterall, don't they try to "starve" Public Advocate and our supporters with attacks and lies about our programs?

"Silence Public Advocate and Eugene Delgaudio" is the full time paid occupation for 100 full time homosexual lobbyists. But lets ignore that please.

We say "Go ahead and put all that money in Martha Boggs hands."

Less money for actual effective political organizations that are actually fighting Public Advocate, Thank you.

And by all means go ahead and deny Senator Campfield a meal. Cheer blocking other Senators from eating too.

This type of absurd behavior will not win votes among the general public. It helps Public Advocate's cause to encourage the passing of Senator Campfield's bill to protect the school children.

"This Restaurant Caters To Homosexuals Only" reads the banner. And its on Gay Street. What a shock, an absolute shock. Not really.

It just might earn Public Advocate another win in the Tennessee legislature with the passing of Senator's Bill to prevent homosexual propaganda being forced on school children in Tennessee.

Huffington Post Huffs and Puffs about starving Senator Campfield:

"The Republican senator at the forefront of Tennessee's controversial "Don't Say Gay" bill proposal has confirmed reports that he was kicked out of a Knoxville eatery by the owner in response to his recent anti-gay remarks.

In a new interview with The David Packman Show, Stacey Campfield said of the incident, "It is true, [The Bistro at the Bijou owner Martha Boggs] asked me to leave. It's unfortunate that some people -- you know -- we can't sit down and talk about issues"

see article and video

Public Advocate asks you to call and thank Senator Campfield for being a good sport about the petty abuse of "hamburgalors" who steal his hamburger and would be French chef style name calling.

Call or email conservative Senator Campfield and thank him at Phone 615-741-1766 and his email is [email protected]

The Campfield bill passed the Senate last year. It must pass the House this year in the next few weeks.

The sponsor in the House is Representative (Doctor) Joey Hensley.

Call Rep. Hensley at 615-741-7476 to encourage him and email him at [email protected] to encourage him and tell him you support the Campfield "prevent homosexual brainwashing of children" legislation in the House.