Defending the family

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Yes, its the new 2012 Presidential Election year coalition--with "Republican" Dick Cheney on top of the homosexual political backs.-- it is Cheney who delivers victory to the Gay Lobby.

Conservatives and African American legislatiors, says the Washington Post, banded together last year to defend tradtional marriage.

So the media turned up the heat by pounding away and the gay lobby fired away with Maryland's First Lady Katie O'Malley condeming the legislators as "cowards" and even former Vice President Dick Cheney jumped on their backs to dig in his pro-homosexual heels.

O'Malley made national news calling the men and women who stood up to the national news media as "cowards". She, her husband the Governor and former Vice-president Dick Cheney are the real cowards.

They hide behind the giant homosexual lobby and their allies in the major news media as they pour forth their attacks on state legislators.

All while denying them a referendum in a "fair fight."

Don't look for them to be called "racists" who pile on and deny the basic voting right and right to free speech for all Americans regardless of race or creed.

Race and creed are inferior to "sexual orientation" in the O'Malley-Cheney Team Headquaters.

When the news media, liberals in both parties and the gay lobby-- in regular reports-- attack people over their ethinic, race or religious belefs that is not even noticed.

The liberals and the gay lobby targeted traditional family defenders of both races in Maryland using every trick in the book including attacking men and women for their racial heritage.

Former VP Dick Cheney politcally kidnapped Republicans Robert A. Costa (Anne Arundel) and A. Wade Kach (Baltimore County) with bribes, threats and begging.

That was the margin of victory to finally pass the terrible gay marriage bill in Maryland.

Public Advocate has told Cheney publicly (nobody else will, so we will again here):

Mr. Vice-president, you are held hostage by your weakness over being asked to choose between your openly gay child, who's job has been as a gay lobbyist, and your desertion of political principles and honest leadership. Its the same old homosexual lobby propaganda.

We condemn the sin and not the sinner. Mr. Vice-president, you can love your homosexual child but do not have to endorse her sin. What she does with that is her business and not your problem. Live with it.

Now the country has to live with your mistake. Let's be clear: you flush down the toilet any claim to moral authority by this betrayal of traditional values to again and again demonostrate your "love" or "fairness" to the homosexual lobby.

The anti-family anti-Public Advocate "Washington Post: reports:

The 72 to 67 vote, clearing the threshold for approval by only one vote, was a dramatic and justified reversal. Last year, the march to marriage equality came to a halt in the House after conservatives and African American religious leaders expressed fears that a change in law could force religious institutions to perform marriage ceremonies that clashed with their beliefs.

Theirs was an understandable concern and one that resulted in strong protections for religious organizations and their affiliates in this year's proposal from Gov. Martin O'Malley (D).

This wise (SICK) accommodation rightly allayed the concerns of some and paved the way for Maryland to become the eighth jurisdiction, including the District of Columbia and, most recently before Friday, Washington state, to legalize same-sex marriage.

"Dick Cheney On Top Of Homosexual Victory" More from the Washington Post

Morning Read: MD First Lady Calls Anti-Gay-Marriage Lawmakers "Cowards"

Speaking Thursday at the 24th annual Conference on Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Equality, the first lady threw some mud at the lawmakers that prevented a legalization of same-sex marriage bill from getting passed last year in the Maryland House of Delegates.

"There were some cowards that prevented it from passing," she said at the conference."