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Public Advocate Files Brief To Prevent President From Stealing 2012 Election Supreme Court Asked To Restore Electoral Votes and Congressional Seats to Louisiana, Missouri, Montana, North Carolina, and Ohio

San Francisco would have two more Congressional seats. Dallas and Houston would have 2 more Congressional seats. Florida would have one more Congressional Seat.

All because the Census did not count properly and included illegal aliens in its counts in San Francisco, Dallas, Houston and other cities in California, Florida and Texas.

This would result in giving even more political power to an already powerful homosexual lobby headquarterd in these states. So Public Advocate has filed suit in to oppose this and has supported efforts to correct it before it is too late.

The case is called "LOUISIANA, et al., Plaintiffs, v.
JOHN BRYSON, Secretary of Commerce, et al.,Defendants."

Public Advocate's President Eugene Delgaudio says "We can not allow the homosexual lobby to steal Congress and the national election through a lousy census count," and as a result PA has filed a formal declaration before the court that:

"demonstrates each of five States (Louisiana, Missouri, Montana, North Carolina, and Ohio) losing one seat to which it is properly entitled, with those seats being transferred to three States which are not entitled to those seats (California (2), Texas (2), and Florida (1))."

Public Advocate asks for these states to have their seats in Congress restored and the other states have seats reduced.

Public Advocate's declaration also stated that President Obama and his Secretary of Commerce who conducted the census wrongfully shifted the critical electoral votes away from more conservative states to more liberal states.

Public Advocate stated

"In addition to improperly reallocating the relative political power of these States in Congress, the Secretary's report and President's transmittal of his
statement to Congress has had the effect of improperly changing the composition of the Electoral College which is composed of a "Number of Electors, equal to
the whole Number of Senators and Representatives to which the State may be entitled in the Congress....-
Art. II, Sec. I, Cl. 2.

Thus, President Obama's reliance on the Secretary's count has altered the composition of the electoral college as it will exist when it meets in December 2012 to elect the President of the United States - an election in which President Obama is a candidate. In an era of close elections which have involved the intervention of this Court,5 it is entirely possible that the outcome of the vote of the Electoral College following the November 2012 general election will be so close that its outcome will be decided by the five electoral votes shifted by the actions of President Obama and his Secretary of Commerce.

Public Advocate introduces evidence that "foreign nationals" were included in the census and states

"Properly construed, 13 U.S.C. § 141 does not authorize the inclusion of foreign citizens in the decennial census for the purpose of apportionment of members of the representatives."

The 19 page brief concludes "The 2010 Census Count, Made without regard to Immigration or Citizenship
Status, Undercuts State Citizenship as Defined by the Fourteenth Amendment----......... And because the census bureau disregards citizen status it is "favoring those States which have a larger portion of unlawful residents relative to their sister States."

Public Advocate's friend of the court brief filed by William Olson, Herb Titus and other PA supporters, coalition members and important poltical leaders- is on file with the U.S. Supreme Court at and will show as docketed here: