Defending the family

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Public Advocate's Avalanche of Letters and Phone Calls Moves Tennessee To Pro-family Leadership

This bill, titled "HB 3621 Education, Curriculum - As introduced, requires that a family life education curriculum comply with certain restrictionsas" and is described below by clicking on the link, and also "revises the provisions governing LEAs that are required to implement family life instruction, defines family life education, adds various requirements regarding family life curriculum, authorizes a cause of action against instructors or organizations that promote gateway sexual activity or demonstrate sexual activity, and revises other provisions of present law regarding family life education."

It positively elevates the entire discussion of "sex education" to a entirely "age appropriate" basis and sustains normal and pro-family values.

It is not the "don't say gay" bill Public Advocate has written about to its supporters but is an outgrowth of the discussions Public Advocate supporters have led in the Tennessee legislature for weeks.

Its being considered by both houses of the legislature in Tennessee in the past few days with public discussions in a House committee.