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Giant Goliath $168 Million "Southern Poverty Fundraising Center" To Crush Smaller Public Advocate as David

The Human Rights Campaign Fund's annual budget is $41 million. But their $41 million in assets are dwarfed by another pro-homosexual giant banging on little Public Advocate this week.

The HRCF went after PA two months ago and failed to stop Public Advocate. Failed miserably. 100s of staff members working to stop us but failing.

Now a giant $168 Million "Southern Poverty Fundraising Center". Another large army of pro-homosexual soldiers deployed to crush little Public Advocate. Why us?

The headlines attacking Public Advocate of the US are becoming more desperate.

30 years ago Washington liberals ran pushy headlines "Group Writes Conservative Letter". Today phoney leftist fundraising groups post racey over the top charges "Public Advocate Is Anti-Gay Hate Group."

Lumping in a grass roots group that files friends of the court briefs in federal courts, holds hundreds of news conferences over the years and files friends of the court briefs at the Supreme Court with the violent "Klu Klux Klan" is committing public political suicide and they are so moronic they don't mind or notice.

So, if liberals think Public Advocate is going to slow down, forget it.

Obamacare is going DOWN and liberal sophistry is being mocked in simple legal terms the past few days.

So the liberal braintrust responds: "attack little Public Advocate"? Poor crybabies.

To lose in court is one thing. The liberal attornies go in and out of court on a whim.

Lawsuits fly around like bees in a hive -- too numerous to count.

However the few important battles is all Public Advocate can afford to fight.

And we win them.

By attacking Public Advocate, the liberals bring attention to their own lack of judicial and other success.

Little Public Advocate with one key employee and a handful of volunteers beat the bogus "SPFC" (sic) with $168 million in the bank and their homosexual lobbies and allies on defending the Boy Scouts of America.

Public Advocate beat the gay lobbies on passing a Defense of Marriage Act in Congress and amendments and referendums all over the country. You and your anti-family squads have one ZERO.

Public Advocate beat you and your homosexual lobbies on convincing the Internal Revenue Service to preserve one man-one woman traditional marriage IRS joint tax returns.

Most importantly and in a timely fashion, Public Advocate has vanquished your designs to browbeat Governors and several legislative bodies.

And Public Advocate has embraced a killer bill that wipes out all gay lobbies' advances in Tennesee.

That Tennessee "preserve traditional marriage bill" eliminates once and for all legislation to recruit America's young children to the homosexual lifestyle and to be open to perverse "gender" change at an early age.

It will be a resounding defeat heard around the world. And Public Advocate did it with five dollar donations.

All the masses of homosexual lobbies camped out day and night in the Capitol can be defeated if supporters of Public Advocate arrive on the scene armed with the truth.

We can not be everywhere and some secretative anti-Democratic legislatures have ignored popular will but we will survive and we will overcome these anti-family legislatures with public referendums.

Public Advocate predicts some losses and some victories. But with five dollar donations we can win 100 per cent of any future referendum anywhere in the USA. The liberals want to end that kind of success rate.

Its like Public Advocate having pennies being spent against billions of dollars with the respective gay lobbies piling on against us.

And even with $168 million the new giant pro-homosexual lobby can not eliminate our voice or silence the majority of Americans. It just makes our job a little harder but since its Biblical we will not complain of the odds against us.

REPOST WHEN Liberals in the news media "report" a "news" story against Public Advocate (from March 28, 2012)