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Sets One Million Dollar Goal-- Another National Petition Against PA

Lets see if I got this right. The large pro-gay group "Southern Poverty Fundraising Center" ($168 million dollars in assets, Harper Magazine, note: Public Advocate calls them SPFC) and their allies are being beaten in referendums, court battles and Congressional roll calls in fair fights-- head to head battles--- with a small storefront style low budget group called Public Advocate with five dollar donations.

So they whip out and claim their opposition is a hate group to both silence them and raise money for themselves. And the local branch of the President Barack Obama's National Democratic Committee has a "national" petition to raise "one million dollars" (direct quote).

This is the 2nd petition in as many months "against Public Advocate" (sic).

This kookie leftist squad, a branch of the Democratic National Committee, a major political party, wants members of the public to sign their petition condemning Public Advocate give them money to "stop Eugene Delgaudio".

DIRECT QUOTE from the Democratic National Committee branch website

"Delgaudio has repeatedly used high-profile criticism of him, like the SPLC designation, to fundraise for his cause and his campaign. Please consider countering Delgaudio's efforts, and his $1M plus fundraising base, by donating to the LCDC here."

The Democratic National Committee and their branch and SPLC need lots of money to fight Public Advocate because Public Advocate raises money to pass marriage protection, pass laws to protect the Boy Scouts of America, pass referendums to protect tradtional marriage and to file legal briefs defending traditional marriage or opposing wrongful Judicial decisions to overturn overwhelming voting results in democratic referendums to defend marriage.

The Democratic National Committee's local branch and the SPLC is seeking support because I also defend against their attacks effectively (see quote above).

Therefore, they unskillfully and brazenly claim, the liberal giving public should give them $1 million (the Democratic National Committee branch) to fight -- Public Advocate.

The DNC has a $1 billion dollar budget for 2012 and raised $68 million in the final 3 months of 2011.

Several national democratic commitee websites and pro-homosexual groups have linked to the Democratic National Committee branch website.

One report has the SPFC with $220 million in assets with another report (Harpers) claiming they have $168 million.

And bringing up the rear with another Public Advocate attacker, Human Rights Campaign with $41 million in annual budget spending.

That's a lot of resources to fight Public Advocate, drawing from $1.2 billion to $1.4 billion dollars in combined treasuries.

PUBLIC ADVOCATE IS NOT A POLITICAL ACTION COMMITTEE. Public Advocate is a 501 C 4 tax exempt group with a small $2.7 million budget.

Public Advocate has not advocated for the election of any candidate for public office at any level of government in any poltical campaign. It is not a political campaign committee. It has been focused solely on educational efforts about legislation in the states, court decisions, referendums, regulatory actions, Supreme Court nominations being considered in the U.S. Senate and federal laws in both the House and Senate as proposed in the public record.


Democratic National Committee Branch Starts National Petition Against Public Advocate

Local Democratic National Committee "Targets Delgaudio After SPLC Targets Public Advocate"

Delgaudio has been executive director of Fall Church-based Public Advocate of the United States since 1981. The organization's website describes Public Advocate as a "conservative non-profit organization with 100,000 members, with supporters who donate an average of $17 to support a program of limited government and reduced taxes. Annual budget of $2.7 million." Among the group's recent activities is joining the opposition to gay marriage statues in several states, challenging congressional redistricting and fighting "homosexual indoctrination" in Tennessee schools.

Besides rejecting the LCDC request, Delgaudio called on the SPLC "to stop
attacking me and using my name to raise money."

"That is unethical and I call them the 'southern poverty fundraising center' because they should turn themselves into the Alabama bar association for incompetence and unethical behavior," he said. "For 30 years Public Advocate has stood for traditional family values and today we will stand as always."

In his response, Delgaudio also solicited for contributions to Public Advocate.