Defending the family

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The SPLC smears notwithstanding. Some in the news media assists them. But now the rest of the story.

PA expected the SPLC to fire guns at us as the Tennessee Classroom Protection Act, now more than ever, threatens to deal a heavy blow to the homosexualist agenda to subvert and subject American education to their one, highly unpopular and unwanted, minority ideology.

It was the SPLC that promotes same sex education and gender bending of children beginning in kidnergarten.

Public Advocate acknowledges the SPLC's past contribution to defeating the Klu Klux Klan but now show that they have long-since been bought off to foist homosexulism upon an unwilling pro-family majority in America.

The SPLC has "sold out" both compromising and betraying its original mission of civil rights advocacy for the cash flow which comes with becoming a homosexualist front group--- upwards of $168 million to $228 million in cash assets untouched by their operating budget according to Harpers and other sources.

Public Advocate and its supporters have done more to help pass the Tennessee Classroom Protection Act, which would outlaw the SPLC's homosexualist education curriculum which is misnamed "Teaching Tolerance."

If Tennessee passes the Public Advocate supported Classroom Protection Act, thirty to forty states are certain to follow suit with their own "Classroom Protection Act".

The homosexualists know that this "domino" effect in education follows the pattern of their defeats when states began passing defense of marriage laws. Once this domino effect begins, the SPLC will not be able to sell its homosexualist curriculum in neither Tennesse nor 42 other states or raise money to promote it.

It is a major part of their fundraising and public relations outreach to the homosexual lobbies.

This seems clearly to be the primary reason the SPLC is lashing out at Public Advocate.

They will do anything to disrupt the passage of Tennessee's Classroom Protection Act and follow suit by fighting for mandatory homosexualist indoctrination (MHI) in state programs under the false pretense of "civil rights" when they are really promoting only one minority point of view at the expense of other people's choice and conscience.

Here is the link to the homosexualist curriculum, "Teaching Tolerance," which goes after children in K-5 to indoctrinate them to change gender in their minds and then become homosexualist activists.

EXCERPTS from Teaching Tolerance a project of the Southern Poverty Law Center

In pairs, ask students to share one time they felt like they were really inside the square for their gender, and one time they felt like they were really outside it. Emphasize that while some people seem to fit gender norms or stereotypes more than others, almost everyone sometimes feels "outside the box." [emphasis/bold added]

Explain that it can take a lot of bravery to be "outside the gender box?- After completing the gender stereotypes activities, give students the opportunity draw and label a portrait of a girl or a boy who lives outside the gender box. Be sure that they label or represent inner qualities and traits as well as appearance and style of dress. Have students share their portraits with classmates and create a gallery of "outside the box" boys and girls. Ask students to reflect on how different they would feel if everyone were free to be "outside the box."

[for K-5] If your class is excited about being gender freedom activists, don't let their enthusiasm fizzle with the end of this series. Make time during social studies, choice time, recess or before or after school for them to follow through on activism projects. Students will feel proud of this work, and it will help them fully internalize many of the objectives of this series while also working for change in their community.