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Maryland Petition Campaign To Preserve Traditional Marriage Gathers Speed

"Please help Maryland keep Traditional Marriage between a man and a woman. Citizens must sign a petition to get a ballot referendum," reads a letter from Eugene Delgaudio to Maryland church leaders.

The deadline for getting petitions signed in Maryland is on May 31st. That is the first deadline . On that date, the Maryland Marriage Alliance needs 18,000 signatures.

After that, the final deadline is June 30th.

At that time, the Maryland Marriage Alliance will need 50,000 signatures. In a letter to hundreds of church leaders in Maryland, Public Advocate President Eugene Delgaudio says "I hope you agree that Maryland's Citizens should decide in November to defend traditional values.

Hundreds of volunteers are working in response to our plea and are working to collect signed petitions.

But in order to do this, citizens have to first get ballot initiative status for preserving traditional marriage".

Public Advocate is hopeful enough petitions can be collected and is encouraging churches, civic groups and private citizens to the Maryland Marriage Alliance website and to also get petitions signed at church, community centers and door to door.

Options to Submit signed petitions

Option One: Please download the petition

Print out the attachment using yellow paper. Print on two sides. Collect signatures. Thanks.

Return to the address on the bottom of page 2 or simply call Public Advocate to pick up the petitions at your church or office. Public Advocate will bring signed petitions to the Maryland Marriage Alliance.

Option Two: On-Line Application with Maryland Marriage Alliance

You can also submit online for a petition mailed to your house with Maryland Marriage Alliance

Please act as soon as possible. The petition language has been approved, and you can sign up to get the actual Petition to sign in the mail or to organize to collect signatures for the petition at this website: by clicking here:


This is extremely limited due to the high costs and restricted time and geography. For several months and until the final deadline of June 30, Public Advocate will deliver printed petitions to recognized churches, civic groups and social organizations in whatever quantity.

Call 703-845-1808 our offices. Write Public Advocate at this email address:[email protected].

Or use the contact form to get action:

After collection you or Public Advocate can deliver to Maryland Marriage Alliance P.O. Box 106, Annapolis, MD 21404 I/you would like to hand deliver petitions, deliver to: 7484 Candlewood Road, Hanover, MD 21076

Public Advocate is not affiliated with any government, office holder or candidate at any level of the state or federal level or any candidate committee. Public Advocate is not affiliated with any other group. PA is a non-profit 501 c 4 group and donations or gifts are not tax deductible for IRS purposes.