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Tennessee Victory: Tiny Public Advocate Effort Overcomes 100 Gay Lobbies As Classroom Protection Act Passes House Committee in close 8 to 7 vote

Tennessee's Classroom Protection Act HB229 passed the Education committee Tuesday, April 17, in the Tennessee House of Representatives.

This is a major victory and it should pass in the House in a few days.

HB229, Public Advocate called it the Classroom Protection Act, passed the House Education Committee 8 to 7 with one member not voting.

Liberals and pro-homosexual major news outlets call the bill "Don't Say Gay". From the Tennessean: " Tennessee's elementary and middle school teachers could face more pressure not to talk about homosexuality with their students next year after the so-called Don't Say Gay bill cleared a House education committee Tuesday."

House Education Chairman Richard Montgomery, R-Sevierville, voted against the measure, but it passed on an 8-7 vote and goes to the calendar committee before a floor vote."

Montgomery had gotten phone calls from Public Advocate supporters.

Rep. Joe Carr, R-Lascassas, who voted for the bill, said he's seen documentation that outside groups are entering classrooms at the invitation of principals and teachers and not staying within the curriculum guidelines.

"And they should," he said after the vote.

Public Advocate believes the Classroom Protection Act will pass in the Tennessee legislature.

There is a bigger story here. Another bill which protects college religous student groups from mandatory adoptation of homosexual propaganda is making its way to a vote in the legislature, while the overhaul of the entire sex-education curriculum towards a more healthy traditional values is also making its way to soon becoming law.

There is no doubt from direct monitoring in the halls of the legislature that the bill's progress could not have come this far without the activities of Public Advocate and Public Advocate supporters.

The Gay Lobbies know this and have been attempting to stop, disband or otherwise disrupt Public Advocate for months leading up to this victory. They have tried to silence Public Advocate from reaching audiences. They have failed. They have attempted to physically shut us down with threats and libels spread in their media and in their and pro-homosexual news media outlets. They have failed.

'Don't Say Gay' bill advances in the House (aka THE CLASSROOM PROTECTION ACT)