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President Argues both sides to Supreme Court: Don't Overturn Acts of Congress, Ignore Acts of Congress-- at the same time.

Last week President Obama said publicly and repeatedly that his Health Plan was passed by Congress so the Supreme Court-- before they have decided-- should decide in his favor and uphold a law and that they should not even be looking at it.

This week President Obama's Justice Department is arguing an Act Of Congress, the Defense of Marriage Act should not upheld by a federal Court.

National Review Online says "It's hard to describe how odd it is to hear a Department of Justice lawyer argue in court that a law passed by Congress should be struck down as unconstitutional. It is, after all, the DOJ's job to defend laws passed by Congress. But as I sat at the First Circuit Court of Appeals in Boston on Wednesday listening to the appellate arguments for the Federal Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) cases, that's exactly what I heard for 20 minutes from the DOJ lawyer."

NRO says "Every circuit court that has addressed the issue - eleven to date - has rejected the idea that classifications based on sexual orientation are subject to any heightened constitutional scrutiny. Such unanimity among the circuits is rare. Nonetheless, the administration's stated reason for abandoning DOMA's defense is that it believes that sexual orientation should be entitled to heightened protection, despite the avalanche of precedent to the contrary. That was its main argument at the First Circuit on Wednesday (incidentally, the First Circuit is one of the eleven to have already decided the issue)."

Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again.

Here America has eleven Circuit Courts deciding something simple: upholding an Act of Congress. But we have a President who directs his Justice Department to ignore its primary job to uphold the law and instead argues an imaginary or non-existent legal premise.

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