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Families supporting Traditional Marriage Risk Their Privacy, and Peace of Mind in Washington Homosexual Allies Cheer Invasive Publishing of Petition Signers

Families supporting Traditional Marriage Risk Their Privacy, and Peace of Mind in Washington
Homosexual Allies Cheer Invasive Publishing of Petition Signers

Over the objections of Christian groups and Public Advocate, an activist District Court Judge has ruled that Washingtonians that have signed any petitions in support of traditional cannot be protected by harassment by the homosexual lobby.

Christians and other pro-family leaders are facing a horrible and violent situation based on past petition campaigns where Christians have been targeted for harassment.

There was a litany of monstrosities committed by pro-gay activist during California's Prop 8 fight (several videos and reports are posted here at and elsewhere) and now these same national groups and their allies have announced, advanced, "revealed" or promoted attacks on Washingtonians will take place in order to defeat the referendum.

The alledged process of intimidation involves publishing the names and then face the prospect of attacks for signing the petitions and then attempting to stop public efforts during the campaign period in the days leading up to the actual vote on the respective referendums.

All just to get their chance to vote for traditional marriage.

In past campaigns, there have been bricks thrown through windows, cars vandalized, houses vandalized, and violent assaults. The former Mayor of Fresno, California even received a death threat.

Courts have endorsed judicially these harassment campaigns all throughout Washington.

One recent petition gatherer came across a young mother that was afraid to sign because of all the threats that would be directed at her and her family. She signed because she felt she had to and she will now do everything possible to protect her family. Fear is escalating in Washington and pro-marriage attorneys and activist are gearing up for a fight.

In Washington State, an anti-Christian regime of political intimidation dominates from top to bottom in the political establishment against Christians, legislators, church leaders, women, and children. Against anyone that promotes traditional marriage., a homosexual harassment factory, may be encouraging violence by listing names of everyone that signed the petition on line so homosexual activist bullies can attack families' homes and vandal either their property or their person during the referendum campaign all in the name of "public disclosure".

Public Advocate is engaged in this political battle because somebody needs to fight for these individuals who have been singled out for persecution merely for signing a petition that is a legal right.

Liberal judges look the other way and allow threats, harrassment and violence against Christians in Washington State and we will not stand by and allow this to happen without assistance from Public Advocate.

Public Advocate will seek to document cases of violence, intimidation and other attempts to violate the civil right of Washingtonians to freely vote and participate using non-violent and peaceful means in a free election. We will use surveys by mail, phones, inperson video interviews and other research and reporting methods to reach out to the Washington State Community.