Defending the family

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Voters Will Repudiate Obama and Clinton In North Carolina Today on Marriage

President Barack Obama has attacked traditional values with a passion and follow through unknown in his foreign policy directives.

And former President Bill Clinton has done a robo-call attacking traditional marriage in North Carolina.

Heaven forbid if Public Advocate does robo-calls. Look for some reporters and some bloggers to take to cutting telephone wires and disrupting Wi-Fi to try to stop Public Advocate.

Fox News reports: "North Carolina voters will soon be hearing from former President Bill Clinton, who recorded a robocall opposing a state constitutional amendment defining marriage as between a man and a woman, The News & Observer reported Saturday.

North Carolina voters will decide the fate of the amendment when they go to the polls on Tuesday.

In his recorded call, Clinton noted North Carolina already prohibits gay marriage. The amendment would also ban same-sex civil unions."

The point is that North Carolina knows that militant gay lobbies intent on reversing traditional Science based proven biological reproductive (yes, is that not novel) values can not get past a Constitutional referendum yet.

So God willing North Carolina will take up this latest protection today and pass that Constitutional Amendment as many other states have.

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