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President Barack Obama "Wins" in Oklahoma and West Virginia? Criminal -- In Jail-- almost beats President in West Virginia primary!

President Barack Obama has wall to wall news coverage 24 hours a day and no one gets to be critical of him in any major party. Yet he barely wins Oklahoma recently and today manages to win, in West Virginia, against a criminal sitting in a jail cell in Texas.

Let Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli describe West Virginia:

Cuccinelli says "President Obama was NOT the only Democrat on the ballot for President in West Virginia yesterday. Also on the ballot was a 'gentleman' named Keith Judd.

... Mr. Judd is truly unique. You see, Mr. Judd is currently in prison in Texas. I understand that it really cut into his campaigning!

As far as I know, the President has not been challenged by someone in prison in any of his other primaries...

Okay Ken, that's funny and all, but other than silliness, what's the big deal?

Here's the big deal: Keith Judd won 10 counties in West Virginia!

That's right, a guy in prison beat the President of the United States in a Democratic Party primary in 10 counties in West Virginia!

In fact, statewide, the President didn't even break 60%! You can see the results by clicking here (county by county results are available by clicking the button in the upper right hand corner). Enjoy.

A final note on West Virginia: Democratic U.S. Senator, Joe Manchin, won't even say who he voted for in the primary - between the President and a jailed criminal, he's still too embarrassed to be associated with the President! Wow. " (Unquote)