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Public Advocate Names Jerry Thacker As Feb Family Advocate of the Month

Falls Church, VA -- Eugene Delgaudio, Executive Director of Public Advocate of the United States, announced today that family activist Jerry Thacker will receive the group's Family Advocate of the Month Award for his recent courage when he came under fire from the radicals in the homosexual lobby.

Thacker was nominated by the Bush Administration to serve on the Presidential Advisory Council on HIV/AIDS. Yet last week Thacker was forced to withdraw from consideration after he was viciously attacked for his pro-family stance on social issues, including attacks on his Christian faith and on his support for abstinence education as the primary way to combat Sexually Transmitted Diseases.

"The homosexual lobby has shown their true face with their brutal attacks on Jerry Thacker," stated Delgaudio. "Their actions prove that the only diversity of thought they approve of is diversity among liberals."

Thacker and his daughter both contracted the disease in the early 1980's from his wife, who was infected through a blood transfusion during her pregnancy.

The Family Advocate of the Month Award is given monthly to Americans who fight for family values while exposing the politically correct liberal elite as the hypocrites they are. Each year one of the winners of the monthly award will be chosen as Family Advocate of the Year and will receive a $500.00 award.

Public Advocate has been fighting for the American Family as a non-profit, 501.c.4 organization since 1978. For more information please contact Jesse Binnall at 703/582-7924 or by email at [email protected].