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Gay Lobby Kidnapping Superheros---"Homosexual Comic Books Propaganda" Will Sink Hollywood And Owners

Comic Books are for children. And just like the Boy Scouts of America, the comic book industry has maintained some kind of moral code and kept the openly homosexual agenda out of its industry to keep the children safe.

But unlike the Boy Scouts of America, it is now allowing adult homosexuals in as "openly gay superhero". Like President Obama needing "homosexual lobby money" it seems the comic industry wants their comics snapped up by the new self-described "gay cash".

DC Comics recently announced one of their most popular, but as of yet unnamed, prominent characters will soon be coming out of the closet.

Marvel, now owned by Disney, followed DC Comics' announcement with a surprise of their own. Northstar, Marvel's first openly gay hero, is going to perform a same sex marriage ceremony with his same sex friend in the current issue of "Astonishing X-Men," in June.


Public Advocate and its supporters can not do any more damage to the comic book industry than it has done to itself. Comic book circulation has been in a downward spiral and are a fraction of their market for many reasons, since 2006.

Here are the staticis readily available:

In 2006, according to industry sources:

The Top 300 Comics sold
81.85 million copies

The Top 300 Comics had sales worth
$252.18 million

In 2012, according to industry sources

The Top 300 Comics each month sold

23.99 million copies

The Top 300 Comics each month had sales worth
$82.94 million

Thats a drop of $169 million in 7 years. That's as big a drop than most of Hollywood's movies.

Comic book owners might want to see a big boost to sagging fortunes at the expense of innocent children by catering to the "adult homosexual lobby" like President Obama recently did.

Response from Pro-family leaders

Onemillionmoms, a pro-family group says "Children desire to be just like superheroes. Children mimic superhero actions and even dress up in costumes to resemble these characters as much as possible. Can you imagine little boys saying, "I want a boyfriend or husband like X-Men?"

Eugene Delgaudio, president of Public Advocate, says "Comic Book editors are falling down desperate to climb up from the gutter of irrelevance and lack of interest. This is a push for corrupting children with sick sexualization. To close them completely down their parent companies need to feel the heat.

Public Advocate asks its supporters to direct their outrage about the comic industry's targeting children with pro-homosexual propaganda at the corporate owners of the dwindling comic book market.

DC Comics and Marvel Comic make up most (60 to 80 per cent ) of the comic book industry.

DC Comics is owned by DC Entertainment a company of Warner Bros

Marvel Comics, is owned by Time Warner's main rival The Walt Disney Company

Action To Take

Please send DC Comics (Warner Bros. Entertainment Company) and Marvel (Disney) an email urging them to change and cancel all plans of homosexual superhero characters immediately. Ask them to do the right thing and reverse their decision to have sexual orientation displayed to readers. Tell them you plan on not going to any movies by their companies.

Tell Warner and Disney "stop corrupting children with homosexual comic book superheros" or we will never attend a Disney movie or Warner movie again.

Here's suggested letters:

Robert A. Iger
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer and members of the Board.
The Walt Disney Company, owner of Marvel Comics
500 S. Buena Vista St.
Burbank, Ca 91521-0931

Phone 818-553-7200

Dear Chairman Iger,

You claim in your first sentence of your corporate website "We believe that we have a unique opportunity to inspire kids, families, employees and communities to make a lasting, postive change in the world." Please keep to that and reverse the decision to promote homosexuality with homosexual comic book propaganda directed at children now.


Jeffrey Bewkes
Chairman and CEO and members of the board
Time Warner, owner of DC Comics
Time Warner Headquarters
One Time Warner Center
New York City, NY 10019

Phone 212-484-8000

Dear Chairman Bewkes

You claim on your corporate website that "Time Warner has "an unwavering commitment to the highest ethical standards of business conduct...a core value that is strongly sanctioned aat every level of management" yet you push homosexual comic book propaganda on little children. Please reverse this decision of your company to do this lowly act.