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Conservative Giant Gary Kreep Now Judge Kreep? Libs Screaming "NO"!

The returns are still coming in with 4,000 ballots to be counted still as of today. But the San Diego County elections resulted in a close 50-50 tie with the election going to long time conservative Gary Kreep to be a Superior Court Judge by 56 votes at one point.

Superior Court Judges serve six years and are paid $178,000+ and are state judges in California. If a candidate in a primary election gets an outright majority of votes cast -- when just 2 candidates are on the ballot-- then that candidate is elected.

So if Kreep maintains his lead, he will be elected to be Superior Court Judge Gary Kreep.

Expect the entire liberal establishment to completely melt down-- and they are currently in a boil over this tiny election in San Diego.

Over 300,000 votes were cast with Kreep in the lead or behind at several points during the last week.

Besides being head of the United States Justice Foundation, a conservative legal action group that has defended Christian's religious freedoms for 30 years, Kreep was a former leader in the Young Americans for Freedom 40 years ago.

"We salute the election of Gary Kreep if that happens. We salute him for putting his name on the ballot and putting long time conservative leadership at the national level on notice with the 164,267 votes he got by one count, with the vote totals changing upward for him day by day as more ballots are counted, says Eugene Delgaudio, president of Public Advocate.