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Political Earthquake-- Level 10 On the Scale. Who is Judge Gary Kreep?

The stories are being written but are they actually quoting Gary Kreep?

Its easy and available on the internet the long history of legal briefs filed by attorney Gary Kreep. His background is easy to research for most intelligent Americans.

But as Sarah Palin observed a few days ago, don't expect the idiot left and their blind stooges in the major media to care they look so stupid and biased. The liberals are going to tell you that Gary Kreep is an extremist, radical and "dangerous".

Let's remember Gary Kreep is the man's name and he is an authentic quiet and resourceful attorney at law who has patiently filed legal briefs with the utmost respect for the law and in the most consistent manner for decades.

And now he is a judge for six years in a state that has seen a politically bankrupt establishment that ignores every conceivable or balanced principle for years. And the majority of Americans in a major county like San Diego have been given a seat on the state court and their representative aims to represent them at that level.

No one ever heard of Gary Kreep prior to the election in a primary several days ago, June 5.

In California, election to the position of Judge takes place in the primary if there are two candidates for one position and one recieves a majority of votes cast. Over 400,000 citizens voted in a free election for the candidate of their choice.

And that is how Gary Kreep became Judge Kreep.