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2005: ROBERTS IS THE ENEMY--Eugene Delgaudio's Call To Arms about Judge Roberts Joined by Others

Conservative Caucus Howard Phillips was out front condemning Judge Roberts. Public Advocate President Eugene Delgaudio supported and then yanked support and held a news conference against Judge Roberts. Here's a report from August 19 in which several conservative weeklies condemn Roberts.

Conservative Writers Join Public Advocate in Challenging Roberts

August 19, 2005

"John Roberts is the enemy" declares World Net Daily

Roberts...."conspires in the dark behind closed doors and writes memos attacking righteous men who have the courage to operate in the light."

Conservatives Alarmed at Roberts' Role in Playboy Case

Human Events exposes Roberts' assistance to Playboy in case to allow broadcasting pornography to children during the day.

Stealth Court Candidate Surrenders to the Left

Terry Jeffery, editor of Human Events: (In a future vacancy) "will (George Bush) prove once and for all that a Republican President and a Republican Senate are ready and able to nominate and confirm an out-of-the-closet conservative to the U.S. Supreme Court."