Defending the family

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Boston Mayor Tom Menino has declared his city off limits to Chick-Fil-A. Public Advocate Calls it "Chicken Wars". Day of Destiny: August 1

Boston Mayor Tom Menino wants to punish thousands of employees and Christians for the recent public testimony of the Chick-fil-a CEO that he is a pro-marriage man in reaction to demands that he condemn marriage.

Mayor Menino is mad that CEO Dan Cathy refused to cave to the homosexual lobby like Menino has and refuses to just jump into bed with any perverse political boycott.

Meanwhile back at the secret Public Advocate offices (don't look at the bottom of the website page):

In response to the iron curtain erected by Mayor Menino, the staff and volunteers
prepared a top secret memo to plan a response to the city's population hungry for freedom from the chicken-hating Mayor.

The top secret (bogus) memo reads in part:

Public Advocate could dispatch a "Cow Squad " to protest this discrimination against real Cows as it dooms them and prevents them from living peaceful lives without the threat of becoming somebody's lunch.

Clearly Menino is anti-Cow.

The Cows (Civilians Opposed to Whining)squad could ring loud Cowbells at events attended by Mayor Tom Menino.

Public Advocate could charter hot air balloons and air drop chicken sandwiches from the skys.

Public Advocate could hire couriers who will deliver free coupons redeemable for chicken sandwiches to the nearest restaurant.

Public Advocate could launch freedom bus rides to liberate citizens to bring them to the nearest Chick-fil-a.

Public Advocate could secretly infiltrate the Mayor's Mansion and leave tempting Chicken sandwiches around for the Mayor to be converted. He really wants chicken sandwiches.

Public Advocate could distribute 1 million cardboard cow cut outs "we support Chic-fila-a"

Public Advocate could smuggle chicken sandwiches to the starving Bostonians.

Public Advocate could promise to eat chicken "every day" for life.

Public Advocate could video tape volunteers eating chicken sandwiches at a Chick Fil-A and post it on youtube out of solidarity with the enslaved masses imprisoned by Lord Mayor His Highness Tom Menino and dress up a cut out of Mayor Menino as a COW.


Or Public Advocate, and you, can join

Gov. Mike Huckabee next Wednesday, August 1, for Chick-Fil-A Appreciation Day.

Stop by your local chain and show Mayor Menino that America is hungry for more corporate leadership like Dan Cathy's!