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OUTHOUSE TO THE WHITE HOUSE Public Advocate's Eugene Delgaudio Was Doing Political Theater Before you were born, before the Muppets, too!

All you late arrivals. Listen up.

Some critics and serious hard news reporters are being a little too fuddy duddy and square when it comes to understanding our hip manner in retail political theater here at Public Advocate.

"Don't you think wearing bags on your head and mentioning Sandusky is a little much?" asked one genuine and sincere questioner who is universally respected.

We know that the straight script on Public Advocate might be shocking to some even just mentioning "Man-Donkey wedding in 1996 in Chicago" causes some liberals to faint afterall.


Well young fellow, at one point we here at Public Advocate were distributing hundreds on paper bags for members of Congress to wear as the "unknown Congressmen" who wanted a pay raise and it was on two of 3 major TV news networks in 1989-- before the internet!

Along with some good old fashioned 24 hour around the clock political theater for 7 days in a row culminating in the Sunday, February 6th rally in Union Station with thousands in attendence,the Congress did vote down the pay raise on Feb. 7, two to one and former Speaker of the House Jim Wright took a political hit.

No, these paper bags are not the same paper bags we used in the Boy Scout Song parody heard by Washington radio listeners yesterday.

As a 14 year old New Yorker, the President of Public Advocate, Eugene Delgaudio,used political street theater in Central Park in 1969 to escape a large group of violent peace protesters.

Somewhere somehow Public Advocate will list the many uses of props and clothing and costumes in our retail communication efforts to explain our educational message to the public.

Everyone has their favorite Public Advocate news conference or event.

Its like the Hitchhikers Guide to the Universe for Conservatives.

Just one news report from 1991 for the newcomers.

A long time observer asked yesterday "What about the men wearing outhouses" are there any photos of the outhouses?

This was a reference to Public Advocate organizing a anti-tax hike anti-gun regulation mock presidential candidate rally for the late Governor William Donald Schaefer in Annapolis, Maryland in 1991

Here's the link to the old story for the long time observer: (credit in the article went to the College Republicans
but it was Public Advocate that organized it).

Outhouse to the White House?Group launches tongue-in-cheek effort

"Tongues planted firmly in cheek, a dozen members of the Committee to Enforce Fair Treatment of Schaefer rallied today to "support" Gov. William Donald Schaefer's nascent bid for the presidency."

"Demonstrators today put miniature outhouses on their heads and bowed to college student Joe Rubin, who dressed in sweatpants, a robe and crown to play "King William Donald" for the rally outside the State House in Annapolis.

Demonstrators criticized the governor for his remark comparing the Eastern Shore to an outhouse, for trying to ban assault weapons and for promoting new taxes."


"The comments about bags on the head are part of the political mix and the give and take of media and blog coverage to attack, belittle and mock Public Advocate as we attempt to get our message out. Public Advocate does not seek to invite this kind of critical reaction as part of our mission but certainly does not object to it. If the muppets can do it with taxpayer money and get media coverage,then Public Advocate can certainly do it with private donations, we are just low budget muppets here," says Eugene Delgaudio, President of Public Advocate from his offices in Falls Church today, Friday, July 27 at 11 a.m.