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Tenn. Election Official Proclaims: "We do not have time" to steal the election and cancel the results prior to the November election!

Chattanooga Times Free Press is reporting that Democratic Officials can not cancel election results
based on "time considerations" for holding another, second, primary election prior to the November general

This would mean that stealing elections is legal and okay but forcing extra work upon government workers is probably more serious.

Election officials have not threatened to charge Democratic Primary winner and Senate nominee Mark Clayton with making them THINK about working harder yet so that's a relief. Winning a Democratic Primary has not been declared on the books yet as a serious crime.

The C. Times Free Press says "Tennessee Democrats are stuck with..... Mark Clayton as their U.S. Senate nominee in November whether they like it or not, state Election Coordinator Mark Goins says."

And "In a letter to Democrat Larry Crim, one of the six other candidates who lost in last week's Senate Democratic nominee, Goins said, "there is not enough time to hold another statewide election before the November general election." "

From these public statements, it seems clear that Tennessee Election officials don't mind stealing elections and have no objection to ripping up 50,000 legitimate ballots but do not want to monkey with the other "time constraints", not related to printed laws but the physical laws of "time" and "space", requiring notices to be posted and printing of new ballots and staffing and, (brace yourself) counting the ballots for a new "primary election" to pick a new Democratic Party nominee.

The entire ludicrous and absurdly hysterical article is posted here