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Examiner: EPIC FAIL Some Tenn. Dems move to remove Senate nominee after he has won primary

The Examiner's David Oatney says both major parties can decide who gets on the respective primary ballots, and can determine prior to the printing of the ballots who appears on the respective ballots and that is not in dispute by the Examiner's editorial writer.

But once "the primary ballot is finalized and the deadline for the removal of names has passed under State law, the choice of the party's nominee belongs entirely with the voters who identify with their respective parties and choose to participate in their party's primary."

Democrats seem to be saying now with the case of Mark Clayton "since we'll just let anyone vote or run for office whether they live in the precinct or district they are voting in or not, we'll just throw out the primary result when we don't like the result it yields."

Oatney concludes "After all, say the Democrats, our party's own electorate are too stupid to be able to decide for themselves who their nominee will be, so when they choose the man or woman we don't like, we'll just scrap the result and try and get one that we find more palatable. Now someone tell me why it is again that the Democratic Party in Tennessee has come to the brink of political extinction?"