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Top Conservative News Magazine: Mark Clayton's stunning upset might prod the Democratic Party establishment into moving away from its increasingly unpopular agenda

The New American is reporting: "The state Democratic Party that once fielded disgraced former Senator Al Gore quickly jumped on board the anti-Clayton bandwagon as well, releasing a controversial statement on its website disavowing the man chosen overwhelmingly by voters to run for the GOP-held seat in the upcoming Senate election."

And "The 35-year-old candidate's open support for Christian values and the U.S. Constitution also drew fire from some opponents."

After a lengthy discussion about the genuine mainstream values, policies and principles embraced by Public Advocate and its vice-president, Mark Clayton and its president Eugene Delgaudio, in a favorable light, and condemning the Democratic Party for openly attempting to cancel a freely held open Primary for not liking the "conservative winner", the New American concluded with this observation:

More than a few analysts have also pointed out that, contrary to both state parties' claims and suggestions, many rank-and-file Democrats in Tennessee are deeply conservative - especially on social issues such as marriage and abortion. "Given the conservative nature of Tennesseans, some Democrats may have welcomed a candidate of Clayton's ilk; bet they are wondering even more about their party this week," noted a column in the Tennessean by one of the paper's editors. Indeed, Tennessee is one of the most conservative states in America.

Where the race goes from here remains to be seen, though most analysts still expect Sen. Corker to defeat his currently under-funded opponent without much trouble. With insurgent Tea Party and libertarian candidates pummeling establishment-backed insiders in key elections throughout the country, however, the battle in Tennessee could still prove to be an interesting spectacle.

If nothing else, more than a few activists hope Clayton's stunning upset will prod the Democratic Party establishment into moving away from its increasingly unpopular agenda.