Defending the family

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President Barrack Obama, Mayors of Boston, Chicago and San Francisco Spread Hysteria Against Christians

The president is supposed to uphold the law on the Defense of Marriage and not cater to a lawlessness to subvert the federal law passed by Congress and signed into law.

He has worked with political cronies to fan the flames against the pro-family movement on a daily basis and encouraged the Mayors of Chicago, San Francisco and Boston-- all liberal cronies--- to attack a single man who responded to repeated challenges to his Christian faith.

Clearly the attacks on Chic Fil A restaurant was a public conspiracy to intimidate a person who believes in traditional marriage by attacking all his employees.

It was a contrived massive lawlessness using the power of government to destroy a private business at the demands of immoral homosexual lobbies who care nothing of the laws protecting free speech, religious liberty or even a "Defense of Marriage Act" for that matter.

And some in the news media assist them enthusiastically.

More recently, the president's allies have called Mitt Romney a felon responsible for the death of the wife of a man who lost his job. And yester day Vice president Joe Biden used a southern slang to state ROMNEY IS 'GONNA PUT Y'ALL BACK IN CHAINS' if conservative fiscal policies are adopted, to a heavily minority audience in Danville, Virginia.

We here at Public Advocate have been the victims of these hate rants-- calling our "love group"

(as Mark Clayton says) a "hate group". It is actually President Obama and his allies spreading hate.

There is no question now their actions to promote hysteria on a daily basis have resulted in violence against Christians at the Family Research Center in Washington, D.C.