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Anti-Christian Posters at "Gay" Advocate Website Call For MORE VIOLENCE

If you go to the Advocate, the online pro-homosexual news website, under this news story,

Family Research Council Guard Shot in D.C.

and click on the readers comments.

Some of them call for more violence. Here is a few of them.

Jan Baekgaard Pedersen: Unless of course we can swoop in and kill all the hatemongers in one big swoop and simply eradicate them....sometimes it takes a little sacrifice for the common good;-)

Derek M. Silkebaken � Subscribe

what goes around, comes around... FRC: your hate begets hate! personally, I think whomever shot the security guard should have waited for tony perkins to come out of their compound... I have no tolerance for religiously psychotic hate groups like FRC, Exodus International and others... they can all go to hell!

Christopher Walker

Why should anyone be surprised? For years this organization has been hate-mongering gays, bashing atheists, and blaming said groups for our society's downfall. Did you not think that they would retaliate?........Not only do I believe that it has been overdue, I think it (ed. note:violence)

is necessary....."

Ty Fancher (7 hours ago)

We give Martin Luther King and "nonviolent social change" most of the credit for the civil rights movement, but it was people like Malcolm X and the Black Panthers who scared enough people that things finally changed. We have asked nicely for far too long with virtually no progress. I am sick and tired of whiny wimps saying "violence is never the answer" because it is the answer when anti-gay people and groups continue to attack us! FIGHT FIRE WITH FIRE! Fight back, it's time to stop being such sissies and bash back! How many more stories of violence, torture and murder against gays and lesbians will you tolerate? The bigots need to feel fear, real physical fear, just like they try to do to us and I say...FINALLY! I wish he had gotten the leaders!

Dave Nova Wainwright

As you sew you shall reap, are they surprised that violence is met with violence?

Many others posters on The Advocate do condemn the violence and do not agree with some of the posters calling for more violence.