Defending the family

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Coulter, Romney & Liberals IGNORE Shooting, "Shooter's List", Chick-Fil-A threats, Minn. Rep's Public Sodomy , Biden's Racist Uprising--- "Idiot Squeals" over Aiken's defense of unborn

Ignored:Gay Congressman Practices Public Sodomy

Ignored: Shooting at Pro-family HQ

Ignored: Joe Biden Pushes Riots
Bipartisan Hysteria:Rep. Todd Aiken defends Unborn child of rape victim

So all you have to do to get Ann Coulter's enthusiastic condemnation is to make a one sentence mistake during an interview about your innocent enthusiasm to protect the unborn with and get your apologies rejected?

The blood of thousands of unborn goes unanswered as attempts to defend them are "embrassing"and a "sure loser" requiring hyperventilating to qualify such poorly placed interests.

Yet when actual blood is spilled due to policies (worldwide) or to heated and spirited focus on the "evil" pro-life practices of going to church, going to pro-family restaurants or even promoting traditional man-woman marriage, lets just forget about that crazy talk.

Here on full display is the corruption and confusion that comprises the Republican and Democratic Party core leadership in America right now.

They refuse to do what is right and seek favor with the dominant liberal, and homosexual lobby, power elite.

A shooter blazes into a pro-family national headquarters is " yesterday's news" by this twisted standard.

A longtime female leader of a 2nd Christian group under assassination watch with a potential LIST of groups known to the Federal Bureau of Investigation:

No liberal or liberal stooge cares. What list?

Violent threats to long time pro-family leaders can be ignored. Wholesale assaults on tiny fast food Chicken Restaurants nationwide in a thousand locations. THAT CAN BE IGNORED. Forever.

A member of Congress physically practices sodomy in public and admits it.

(Minnesota state Democrat Representative Kerry Gauthier is being investigated by police for reportedly having sex with a 17 year-old at a rest stop.)

Liberals and their stooges in the Republican Party hope you never mention it.

The hypocrisy is disgusting and Romney and Obama are both exhibiting it at the same time equally.

Report on Rep. Gauthier practicing public sodomy: