Defending the family

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Public Advocate Files 2nd Legal Brief at U.S. Supreme Court To Defend Traditional Marriage -- Massachusetts and California Cases Threaten Families

Public Advocate previously filed a brief in the Massachusett's same sex marriage case going to the Supreme Court and Public Advocate President Eugene Delgaudio has announced "Public Advocate has filed another legal brief, requesting certiorari to be granted, in the California Referendum on Proposition 8."

Liberal judges in the 9th District have wrongfully overturned a voter's referendum defending traditional marriage.

Like the Romer case in Colorado which Public Advocate defended a voter referendum decision to oppose so-called homosexual rights statewide, and then private citizen John Roberts sabotaged in a moot court pro bono assist to the homosexual lobby, the California case ignores legal and constitutional precedents and invents new law.

Public Advocate attornies argue in their conclusion to a lengthy

(directly from the brief)

"As Justice Scalia pointed out, the Romer
majority (the court) had embraced the position that "opposition to
homosexuality is as reprehensible as racial or religious
bias [even though] the Constitution of the United
States says nothing about the subject [and] it is left to
be resolved by normal democratic means...."

Romer stands as one of the premier contemporary
illustrations of the degradation of our founder's
understanding of a written Constitution in which
authorial intent is jettisoned in favor of an evolving
Constitution based on the policy preferences of the


For the reason set forth above, certiorari should be
granted to correct the badly flawed opinions below,
and to reconsider this Court's decision in Romer,

End of quote from brief.