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MEDIA IGNORES ANOTHER CRIME: Parents' outraged after drama teacher hands out SEX SURVEY to high school students on first day of school!

If the average pervert did this on the public street, he or she would get hunted down by the entire law enforcement community and the general public and be held without bond and then if found guilty of the crime, be in prison for ten years for attempting to solicit sex from high school students.

But in this case the pervert is getting a paid vacation while there's an investigation going on.

In Davidson County, North Carolina, the two-page survey starts out with innocuous questions like 'Do you consider yourself and extrovert or introvert?' But towards the end of the questionnaire comes the five-question section labelled 'sex.'

Among the racy questions the students were asked to answer were: 'What form of seduction do you like the most?' and 'What's the most sensual or sexual part about you?'

The Investigation started after a 15-year-old girl showed the survey to her father

Davidson County School District Public Information Director Donna Stafford told the Daily Mail in a phone interview on Thursday that Dye has been suspended with pay beginning August 29 for the purpose of an investigation.

The Daily Mail reports "A high school teacher in Thomasville, North Carolina, has found himself in hot water after parents said he handed out a survey to students on the first day of class asking them racy questions about their sex life."

This should have been on the network news but we had to go outside the country to find out.