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SUPREME COURT AND SO-CALLED "GAY MARRIAGE": Don't Rule Against Marriage Referendum and Defense of Marriage Federal Act (DOMA).


Supposedly the Supreme Court can strike down most states which outlaw so-called gay marriage.

That is the "novel" thinking of strange people who oppose Americans passing constitutional amendments, like they did in California, to protect marriage.

Reuters is reporting "Two California couples asked the U.S. Supreme Court on Friday to refuse to hear an appeal by gay marriage foes, an outcome that would let same-sex marriage stand in the nation's most populous state."

Reuters is quoting pleadings " on Friday, lawyers for... California gay couples acknowledged the Proposition 8 case could be an "attractive vehicle" for the Supreme Court to resolve the issue," of both the Massachuesetts case and the
California case.

So, pro-gay rights lawyers are arguing publicly that normal traditional marriage proponents should be ignored and simply told "go away" and let stand a lower court ruling to overturn a constitutional referendum in America's largest state and federal laws passed by Congress.

Madness now has a law degree.

This would be a legal gamble and in lay terms would be ignored as most attorney generals would argue
their own respective states' constitutional laws and the rights afforded the states under the same
U.S. Constitution would cancel out the Court ruling.

The Supreme Court has granted itself excessive powers to hear cases which it has no business hearing in the first place, but in the case of so-called "gay marriage" the Supreme Court has no business in attacking the Constitution, families, and God.

Obviously, if the Supreme Court attacks America through so-called "gay marriage," in the California referendum case, nobody has to listen to their ruling. And if they use the ruse of not accepting the appeal of the largest state and cite that same non-appeal in also (at the same day and in the same statement) refusing to accept an appeal from Massachusetts challenging the federal DOMA law, it would be twice the silence they get in return.

The people have already spoken and will not be bullied by the courts to throw away the traditional family. So-called "Gay Marriage" is not in the US Constitution, and when Utah became a state, Utah was allowed to join the Union ONLY after agreeing with all the other states that marriage is between one man and one woman only.

The Supreme Court may not amend the US Constitution, through a act of omission, nor does it have the authority to hear -- let alone rule on -- whether or not marriage is between a man and a woman only, as 49 of 50 states and the overwhelming majority of Americans through explicit rights of law now say is the case.

We do not believe that the Supreme Court is that corrupt or that foolish to attack America through so-called "gay marriage."

The referendum issue in California is different from the case in Massachusetts and that is why Public Advocate has filed two seperate legal pleadings with different arguments.

But even if the Supreme Court were to be corrupt enough to hand down a "decision" to "strike down" one man and one woman marriage only, the decision would be unenforceable and we the people as well as the respective states that recognize traditional marriage in our laws and constitutions might not obey.

America has already outlawed so-called "gay marriage." So even acting under a false pretense of authority to determine the case of so-called "gay marriage," let alone handing down a "ruling," it is the Supreme Court who would be the the disgraceful outlaw against the Constitution, America, We the People, and God Himself.

So for those anti-Constitution anti-traditional marriage crazies still out there trying to ram so-called "gay marriage" down America's throats, let them not be disappointed with the obvious result which they should now expect for the hundredth time -- and which result happens over, and over, and over and over, and over -- that America overwhelmingly believes that marriage is between a man and a woman only.

Regardless of the "Jim Jones" styled indoctrination which homosexual special interests spew on a regular basis, so-called "gay marriage" is NOT the next step in civil rights, and America has already rejected the ridiculous and obviously unnatural idea of so-called "gay marriage."