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Blogs Quote Eugene Delgaudio Letter: Appeals Court Ignores Law "Homosexuals Are A Protected Class"

Thank you to the blogs posting yet another Eugene Delgaudio letter. Here's a partial posting of the letter.

"Homosexuals are a protected class."

Judge Tim Garcia of the New Mexico Court of Appeals uttered these words.

With one sentence, he set a legal precedent that will be used to strip Americans of their constitutionally protected religious freedoms across this nation.

He ruled that a Christian photography company did not have the right to refuse to photograph a homosexual "wedding" ceremony.

It didn't matter that New Mexico legally defines marriage as one man and one woman, and that the homosexual "wedding" was outside the law.

And it didn't matter that Jonathan and Elaine Hugeunin are both devout Christians who find homosexual "marriage" to be unnatural and offensive.

Their religious freedoms did not matter because:

"Homosexuals are a protected class."

And according to the courts, when they refused to give their blessing to an illegal and immoral ceremony, Jonathan and Elaine committed a "Hate Crime."

This is exactly the threat Public Advocate has been warning Americans about for decades.

The courts and the government have created a second standard by which the actions of homosexuals -- and the actions of mainstream Americans towards homosexuals -- are judged.


Original Source among several other sources
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