Defending the family

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Public Advocate Contacting One Million Americans In 4 Critical States to Defend Traditional Marriage In next 7 Days

Statement by Eugene Delgaudio, President Public Advocate for release Wednesday 8 a.m. October 24, 2012

"President Barack Obama and his homosexual allies are riding the giant steamroller out to crush traditional marriage in four states where referendums on traditional marriage are on the ballot: Washington, Minnesota, Maine and Maryland.

Make no mistake, the millions of dollars in financial donations and organization is overwhelmingly against Public Advocate and other pro-marriage forces by many multiples of millions of dollars.

Nevertheless, I predict Public Advocate will overturn the homosexual lobby steamroller* in these four states with Public Advocate's usual low budget high impact methods. We will contact one million people in the next 7 days. And we may announce a larger contact roll out in 7 days in these same 4 states to the entire population of these four states.

If pro-marriage forces prevail in these four states it will be a devastating blow to the homosexual lobby in a continuing pattern of stinging defeats at the hands of a low budget non-profit grass roots group that simply outworks the numerous gigantic so-called gay lobbies and their White House occupant ally."


*Credit to the late Reverend Jerry Falwell for the term "homosexual steamroller".