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Public Advocate Posts Details On Finances Online: How One Million Dollars Net 100 Billion Dollars In Results

Public Advocate and its president Eugene Delgaudio are the focus of a daily propaganda effort funded by large scale homosexual lobbies with vast resources.

These opposition to Public Advocate resources include:

.........the homosexual front organization Southern Poverty Law Center with an annual budget exceeding $30 million and a reserve over $300 million. The Human Rights Homosexual fund has over 100 employees. The gay attack pacs. fanatically pro-Obama Washington Post
along with the rabidly pro-gay Huffington Post, other liberals in the media have hundreds of employees and millions of dollars to spend attacking Public Advocate.

Public Advocate's budget is just over one million dollars annually and we are now linking to our Form 990s for the years 2008, 2009 and 2010 (the most recent three years) so that visitors and the public can have easier access to the IRS disclosure forms easily available.

And they can see for themselves the small budget we have compared to the giant mega-homosexual bands and consider Public Advocate as a worthy place for donations as far as value on return.

By simply donating your largest donation possible to Public Advocate, you can get a great return on your non-deductible donation.

The links are posted in "LINKS" section (see masthead), "About Us" (see masthead banner) and Activities and Accomplishments (in About us section) and here:


2010 Public Advocate Financial Disclosure Form 990 (Source Foundation Center)

2009 Public Advocate Financial Disclosure Form 990 (Source: Foundation Center)

2008 Public Advocate Financial Disclosure Form 990 (Source: Foundation Center)