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Perversion Files Published by Liberals Document Homosexual Child Molesters

The news media and their leftist claptrap repeat the lies and propaganda that the victim organization, BSA, was guilty of a cover-up.

Nevermind the same abuse occurs in public institutions, sports teams, college campuses and everywhere humans can fall prey to evil.

Homosexual child predators, and perverted child predators of various degrees of sexual orientation can and must be guarded against.

Using evidence of serial predators to claim the BSA is guilty or complicit in the crimes while claiming,at the same time, to abandon all moral judgement is wrong.

Expelling and barring known criminals is obvious and the BSA implemented a variety of protection measures YEARS AGO.

ALL BSA leaders who wear the "leader uniform" are trained in this and all leaders wear the "Trained" patch after they are trained (liberals who can not read standard scout leader training procedures posted at 100s of locations, please take note).

People who criticize the Scouts for a "lack of policy" should be subjected to watching or attending a routine training session which occur throughout the year all around the country.

One online observer writes:

"you can go online with BSA and see for yourself they take this seriously. Two-tier leadership is the rule in scouting. Training is provided in the handbook for parents and kids to discuss this topic, at home. See the video, "It Happened To Me",produced by the BSA.

All adult leaders are mandated to train and update instruction on Child Protection. They have done more than most youth sport teams, youth groups, day care providers AND parents."

Inside the 'Perversion Files' of the Illinois Boy Scouts

(Ilinois Patch online reports) "Almost 300 cases involving men and Boy Scout troops throughout Illinois are among the 1,200 secret Boy Scout files released last week by order of the Oregon Supreme Court.

In Illinois, the files date to the 1960s and extend through the ensuing five decades. The Boy Scouts of America used these records to prevent blackballed Scout leaders from returning to the organization with other troops. The files are filled with correspondence between the leadership of the Scouts and troop leaders, interviews with Scouts and parents, as well as newspaper clippings about arrest reports and molestation trials.

Information in the files was used against the Boy Scouts in a 2010 lawsuit alleging six Scouts were molested by a Scout Master in the 1980s. The Oregon firm representing the six Scouts in the lawsuit fought for the release of the secret "perversion files" and ultimately won a $20 million judgment. The records were submitted to the court under seal as evidence in the lawsuit, but Oregon's high court ordered the files to be opened to the public.

These records were so secret even some Boy Scout leaders didn't know they existed. The files have been posted to the web in recent days. The names of volunteers expelled by the Boy Scouts are included in many but not all of the files, and victims' names have been redacted." (end of quote)

Public Advocate believes a policy to bar homosexuals is a proactive policy that eliminates an entire class serial offenders who while a small minority of the population represent a higher percentage of the crimes against young people.

Together with the "Child Protection Training" we discuss above and the "mandatory" attendence of ignorant liberals who are bent on smashing the scouts at these same seminars (liberals will have to wear a giant DUNCE CAP), incidents will continue to drop.

(Or did you also fail to notice that incidents of attacks have dropped ?)