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Liberal 'Atlantic' Editor: Take Down Boy Scouts Like Rabid Dog With Figurative 'Shotgun'

Here's to the liberals spouting gun control and blaming conservatives for the mentally ill murderer who killed unarmed and innocent children and defenseless adults. The leftist media ignores mental illness or other factors as they rush to condemn conservative gun owners, gun rights and conservatives in general around the clock as violent, ignorant and given "zero" air time to respond.

While the news media hounds families of the victims for interviews.

They, many in the news media, actually ignore liberals who want to shoot innocent people or children "politically" (sic).

Just this past week, still on the respective newsites, are interviews in which a Hollywood liberal "star" who is in a film where all the victims he shoots are "white people" says in the interviews "kill all the white people".

But let's stick to just one big fat "intellectual liberal loudmouth" who wants to "figuratively" kill the boy scouts with a shotgun.

Recently, Bill Hobbs of CNS news noted:

"Only one day after what appears to be a politically-motivated shooting at the offices of the Family Research Council, a conservative Christian organization in our nation's capital, any hope that the domestic terror incident or "hate crime" might scare the Left into ratcheting down their recent hateful rhetoric aimed at conservative Christians who oppose gay marriage appears to be a false hope."

The article, by James Hamblin, a medical doctor and an editor for the (Atlantic) magazine, attacks the BSA for its policy of not admitting gays as members or leaders.

Boy Scouts is an organization that was and is so close to being great. Remember when they had to put Old Yeller down because he got rabies? It's not like he was a bad dog, but he got a brain infection and he tried to eat Travis................

If the BSA won't change, then the burden falls on a just society to take them out behind the barn with whatever sort of shotgun revokes credibility."

Bill Hobbs News Report on CNS

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