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Eugene Delgaudio: Amazing Legal Victory- 9th Circuit Rules in Favor of Boy Scouts

In a surprising decision last week that drew little press attention, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, handed the Boy Scouts a victory over a lesbian couple and an agnostic couple. The Ninth Circuit is considered the most liberal appellate court in the land.

One observer says "The plaintiffs don't have standing because they never actually tried to use the facilities! That is it in a nutshell. Another way of putting it is that being offended doesn't give you standing to sue."

The Boy Scouts' victory came nearly ten years after they were originally sued.

At issue in the case are leases between San Diego and the Boy Scouts which allow the Boy Scouts to build and operate camp grounds and an aquatic center for use by the Scouts and the public. The lesbian and agnostic couples sued even though they had never visited the facilities or ask to join in scouting activities.

Public Advocate's President Eugene Delgaudio says "Membership and leadership is restricted in this private organization founded to help America's young boys become responsible adults. But the Boy Scouts of America operates in a public fashion and its meetings and events are held without restriction as does its fundraising and, frankly, thousands of other events in every community. Public Advocate has defended the Boy Scouts in Congress, the Supreme Court and in many forums and will continue to focus attention on how adult homosexual activists want to force themselves on other American's families."

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