Defending the family

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Eugene Delgaudio condemns Attack on Mass Resistance using New gay bullying tactic: Phony 'copyright infringement' charges

Mass Resistance (a Massachusetts based pro-family group) reports:

Gay sex offender files phony "copyright infringement" claim vs MassResistance -- causing host company to block web pages indefinitely.

As (Mass Resistance) reported, over the last year..... a homosexual activist and convicted sex offender, has unleashed a flood threats and legal attacks MassResistance. (The homosexual activist) wants to stop (Mass Resistance's) work exposing the homosexual agenda targeting schoolchildren -- and especially his involvement in some of the more loathsome aspects of that. He has also threatened others across the US and Canada who have worked with us.

Now he has filed a phony "copyright infringement" claim to get our (Mass Resistance) web pages blocked.

Mass Resistance says "Most conservatives are in denial about the vicious and relentless nature of the homosexual movement. They are afraid -- and hope that by placating them and moderating their opposition, it will persuade them to slow their aggressive push to change our culture."

Horror stories in the schools of Massachusetts

Mass Resistance documents through printed materials, testimonies, videos and news reports

widespread explicit promotion of perversion to young children by the organized adult homosexual

lobby in the elementary schools under the guise of "education" in which advocacy of

homosexual practices is the "norm."

For more information: