Defending the family

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U.S. Cavalry Arrives At Scene of Political Devastation: Tea Party Heroes Arrive After Tax Hikes Called Tax Cuts! Rescue Brigades flooding U.S. Capitol; Occupy DC Disbands

Republican Ted Cruz - TX is considered a rising star in national politics and is among one of the growing ranks of hispanic conservative Republicans. Ted Cruz is proof that a growing number of hispanics are for immigration and border control and exposes the tricks of the liberal media who say otherwise.

Republican Deb Fischer - NE is the new incoming US senator that the liberal media DOES NOT want you to know about. Both Herman Cain and Sarah Palin endorsed Deb Fischer. Not only did Deb Fischer beat two better-funded opponents in the primary, she also went in to defeat the Democrat in what had previously been the Democratic seat held by outgoing Senator Ben Nelson. But not only did Deb Fischer win, she won by a healthy double-digit margin, and we can now expect to see Senator-elect Fischer soon become one of our conservative heroes for years to come.

Senator-elect Fischer is one of the most new and exciting voices in conservatism and pro-family policies.

Republican Steve Stockman has been elected to the seat vacated by Ron Paul. He left to take care of his father.

Now Stockman returns. In the 104th Congress, Representative Stockman co-sponsored H.R.3396, The Defense of Marriage Act, which became law. Stockman would stay on the job 18 hours a day while in Washington during the legislative session and would often take short naps to make early morning meetings in the office to talk to constituents in Texas.

Virtually no one in any Congress spent more time "on the Hill" than Stockman.

Republican Duncan Hunter, Jr. has been reelected to a third term in Congress. Congressman Hunter has defended American workers from unfair trade practices which send our jobs overseas and supported our military commanders when they stood against open homosexual interference in the military.

Hunter bluntly told the world "We will boycott Mexico" when they held a former Marine as prisoner shackled to a prison bed with drug lords threatening his death while in the custody of Mexican authorities.

The next day the former Marine was on the way home.

Republican Trent Flanks was reelected in Arizona's 8th Congressional district to a sixth term. Congressman Flanks supports defending our military from open homosexual interference and supports traditional marriage between a man and a woman.

Top conservative Senator Jim DeMint is leaving the Senate to head the Heritage Foundation where he believes that he will have even more influence in Washington than as an elected US Senator. DeMint Will be replaced by another who is also considered a hero to conservatives, Tim Scott.

Scott destroys the myth pushed daily by foaming at the mouth liberal commentators that Conservatives are racist as he is the first black U.S. Senator from his state. Strident and forthright you will find no greater national voice for leadership for sound pro-family issues than Tim Scott.