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Eugene Delgaudio: Angry Liberals should stop racial attacks on U.S. Senator Tim Scott

Eugene Delgaudio: Angry Liberal Bigots should stop attacks on U.S. Senator Tim Scott

In an interview with Fox News, Senator Tim Scott defended himself from charges by the NAACP that he does not support civil rights just because he voted against Al Gore-style greenhouse legislation and for Senator Scott's position on other issues which obviously have nothing to do with civil rights. It is obvious that NAACP president Ben Jealous is simply tyring to convert the use of the term "civil rights" to mean "overt Pelosi/Reid liberalism" and nothing else. Ben Jealous shows little shame in taking the ultimate cheap on Senator Tim Scott.


Michael Meyers -- liberal formerly of the NAACP denounces partisanship at NAACP's denouncement of Senator Tim Scott and defends Senator Scott from false charges that the Senator does not support civil rights.

"When I was the NAACP's assistant national director, we were prohibited by board policy from either endorsing or opposing candidates for elective or appointive office. That neutrality was the core of our non-partisan stance. No more.

Back then, we defined civil rights as equality of opportunity in hiring; fair housing; non-segregated, integrated schooling; democratic unions; the elimination of systemic race prejudice, and stamping out of stereotyping. No more.

With the regime now in charge at the NAACP, civil rights ain't what they used to be. Their closest legislative report card concern even remotely resembling civil rights was their avowed support for a commission "to review America's criminal justice system" for racial and ethnic bias. The NAACP's explanatory jargon says the body "would be charged with looking at how we arrived at this convoluted mess..."

Convoluted mess, indeed; that's the best description of the NAACP's litmus tests for grading the civil rights bona fides of legislators.

Unlike Scott, I am a liberal. I thought the only things he and I had in common were our skin color and our respective socio-economic backgrounds. Now, add one more thing to the list: our frustration and bemusement with the litmus tests used by the nation's oldest and largest civil rights organization."

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Investors Business Daily, in an article entitled "NAACP Shamefully Plays Race Card with Tim Scott" said yesterday:

"The NAACP's scorecard, however, says you only believe in civil rights if you back Big Labor, support new government regulations, vote for activist judges, use public money to support abortion providers, favor weaker criminal penalties, oppose constitutional checks and balances on executive power, support punitive taxation on the successful and embrace the administration's environmental agenda.

Ironically, the NAACP was founded by Dr. Martin Luther King, a registered Republican, and a higher percentage of GOP senators supported the Civil Rights Act than did Democrats. "

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Public Advocate calls on NAACP president Ben Jealous to issue an immediate apology to Senator Tim Scott and to join Public Advocate in supporting civil rights regardless of political party in a manner consistent with the mission of any other similar non-partisan organization.

Public Advocate of the US recognizes Senator Tim Scott's invaluable contributions to civil rights and we believe that Senator Scott will be a great ally for the American family during his time in the Senate.