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Eugene Delgaudio: Leftists And Public Advocate Haters Can Not Use Colorado Court as Backdoor to "Attack"

Public Advocate was sued in Colorado by SPLC attorneys representing two homosexuals in a dispute arising out of Public Advocate's opposition to state legislators supporting homosexual marriage in that state. In that litigation, the SPLC attorneys recklessly posted the home address of Public Advocate's President, Eugene Delgaudio, in a pleading that was available to the public as part of the public record of the case.

After SPLC attorneys refused a request to immediately remove the home address, Public Advocate asked the Court to order its removal and to bar SPLC's use of his address in other ways.

The Court granted Public Advocate's motion, ordering SPLC attorneys to file a redacted version so that the private address would not be disclosed.

more here along with a copy of the court brief