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Welcome To 2nd Term: First Article of Impeachment Drawn Up By Public Advocate and it has nothing to do with Guns

On September 7, 2009 we spoke of this violation to international TV news teams, many reporters including published accounts in the Washington and regional media.

This would be the first of the most obvious articles of impeachment to be drawn up and it was Public Advocate that stood in the way of an out of control President.

On September 7, 2009 we said

"We speak against the violation of federal law in using a federal agency to promote an agenda by instructing young children how to write letters to themselves about supporting the president's policies. And the president and his allies have bullied America's schools to indoctrinate the children."

There are other methods the President has used to indoctrinate America's children using his power as President which we will document as we first documented his abuse in September 2009 and since.