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Conservative Morton Blackwell Launches Uprising Against Liberal Insider Establishment

World Net Daily and other online news sources is reporting: A Virginia Republican is working to take back the GOP from establishment insiders he says conducted a major "power grab" at the party's 2012 national convention in Tampa, Fla.

(That would be ) Republican National Committeeman Morton Blackwell ..... rallying his colleagues behind a motion to cancel GOP rules put into place by the Mitt Romney camp in Tampa that some have said were a slap in the face to Ron Paul supporters, tea partiers and grassroots Republicans alike.

Blackwell said "Instead of further centralizing the Republican Party, we should welcome newcomers and treat them fairly, politely and cordially," Blackwell writes. "What good is it to centralize power if doing so prevents us from recruiting new grassroots activists to our Party and building an organization which can win future elections?