Defending the family

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Federal Judge hears arguments on motion to dismiss "crimes against humanity" lawsuit against pro-family Pastor Scott Lively

On Monday, Jan. 7, the Motion to Dismiss hearing began on the outrageous "crimes against humanity" lawsuit filed against Pastor Scott Lively by the Soros-backed pro-homosexual group Center for Constitutional Rights (CCR). An overflow crowd of activists from both sides packed the Federal District in Springfield, Massachusetts.

The 1.5 hour hearing before Judge Michael A. Ponsor was unusual in many respects and clearly biased in others. To pro-family citizens, it provided an uncomfortable view of the intensity and dishonesty of the homosexual movement coupled with the outrageous willingness of the judiciary -- even the Federal Courts -- to cater to their otherwise weak legal arguments.

Representing Lively was his team of lawyers from Liberty Counsel, led by Horatio Mihet, with Steve Crampton and local counsel Phillip Moran.

How the Motion to Dismiss hearing works

On August 8, 2012, Lively's lawyers at Liberty Counsel filed a 109-page Motion to Dismiss in response to CCR's 61-page Amended Lawsuit against Scott Lively. They are attempting to sue Pastor Lively for "crimes against humanity" essentially to punish him for pro-family speeches he gave in Uganda several years ago about the homosexual movement there. See our report here.

Mass Resistance says

"Based on what we heard at this hearing, even though there is a fairly high bar for throwing out this kind of case, it seems to have been easily reached. There's just nothing there except angry rhetoric. Does the judge have the nerve to agree -- and thus humiliate the homosexual activists? We have to wait and see."